Monthly Mental Health Update: March

Hey, everyone! Welcome to April; we made it! As you may already know, on the first day of every month I let you guys know how the previous month went for me. So, that’s what we’re doing today. But first I want to know, how was your March? How are you doing with all of the craziness in the world? Let me know!

The beginning of March went surprisingly well for me. I actually worked up the gumption to get my driver’s license! I don’t know what happened, but one day I just decided it was time. So, on March 6th, I took the test and passed! (With the help of some Klonopin, of course.) My anxiety the week leading up to it was mainly anticipatory, and I spent two days driving around different possible test routes with my mom. None of them was the one I took for my test, which freaked me out initially. 

About a week later, I found a car and my parents bought it for me! The relief that finally getting my license and a car has brought is awesome. I’m always scared that I will have to escape a situation and my mom won’t be there to pick me up, but now I can escape any situation on my own! 

A few days after I got my car, my sister got surgery on her elbow and I stayed home while both of my parents went to the hospital with her. This is a big deal for me because that kind of situation always makes me anxious. The next week was spent tending to her needs.

That’s around the time that coronavirus started making its way into Alabama. I also had a cold, which was really bad timing. I felt like a criminal sniffling in public. 

I’m actually handling the coronavirus panic better than I could’ve imagined. I’ve always been an introvert, so staying home isn’t a problem; it has actually been kind of nice seeing everyone slow down for a while. I’ve been reading a new book, studying my Bible, exercising, and I’m even taking up watercolor painting. 

The coronavirus is awful, I know. People are sick, some are dying. I am in no way downplaying the seriousness of this pandemic. I just think it’s a good time for everyone to slow down and do things they enjoy with their families. Not seeking fulfillment in shopping, movie theaters, or restaurants, but living a simple life with their loved ones. Also, is it just me, or do people with anxiety problems seem to be taking coronavirus shockingly well? I’ve noticed that in the past few weeks.

The only downside this month besides coronavirus is my OCD. I have really bad scrupulosity (religious OCD). It is kind of out of control at the moment, and it’s affecting my other types of OCD. I haven’t been able to go to therapy lately because of the pandemic, but I have an online session tomorrow. I also have a psychiatry appointment over the phone on Friday, So I’ll let you guys know how that goes. Other than my OCD, my panic attacks have been great! My depression is off and on because of OCD, but it’s okay the majority of the time. 

Thanks for reading!

Let me know how you guys are doing! How are you coping with the panic of the pandemic? What hobbies have you taken up? What were your highs and lows of March? Thank you for reading this short post about my month; I’ll have some new posts for you soon! I’m open to suggestions! You can comment or email me. 



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3 thoughts on “Monthly Mental Health Update: March

  1. annieasksyou says:

    Hi, Kylee—
    I stopped by to welcome you to annieasksyou and to thank you for joining me. But I am so impressed by what you’re doing—helping both yourselves and others—that I am now following you as well. I did some writing years ago for our count mental health

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  2. annieasksyou says:

    Sorry—hit post too soon! county mental health center, trying to combat the stigma so that people would be more willing to seek help. I know the stigma is still with us, but when people like you courageously share your stories and offer concrete ways to help, you do a world of good. Keep up the good work!

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