Self-care is a practice that I just recently started to make room for, and turns out, it’s pretty important. Self-care should be used by all people: male or female, all ages, all walks of life. Unfortunately, taking care of ourselves has been forgotten in the midst of this busy and chaotic world of work and school. You may go to the gym and eat healthy foods, but unless you take time to unwind and care for yourself and your mind, you will continue an unhealthy lifestyle.

As I mentioned above, self-care is a relatively new term for me. My therapist told me to try to relax by taking a bath in some lavender bath salts, (which you should definitely try)! After this, I tried to find other ways in which I could “treat myself” and I came up with a list for you! And remember: self-care is essential during stressful times in your life, but you don’t have to be stressed to practice it.

Self-care ideas

  • Take a walk outside; breathe in the air and look around at nature.
  • Take a bath. Lavender Epsom salt is optional, but I love it.
  • Watch a good movie/TV show
  • Take a nap. (One of my favorites.)
  • Take a mental health day. If possible and if needed, take off of work or skip school for a day. (Ask parents first!)
  • Color in an adult coloring book
  • Paint your nails. Painting my nails has always been relaxing for me.
  • Read a book. If I have any bookworm readers, you’ll understand how soothing it is to escape to a different world through reading!
  • Drink water. Water is important for your body, but I must admit, I’m not good at staying hydrated!
  • Practice meditation. I use guided meditation audio on youtube or meditation apps like Calm or Headspace.
  • Get a massage. Whether you have a family member willing to massage all those anxiety knots out, or you need to buy a massager off of Amazon, a shoulder or foot rub is always needed!
  • Listen to your favorite music. Listen to your favorite songs or even make a playlist for yourself! I made a playlist for you guys on Spotify, as well! Feel free to read that article containing the link.
  • Clean out. Some people absolutely despise cleaning out, but for me it’s therapeutic.
  • Take a social media break. Sometimes we just need a break from the outside world and everyone in it, and that’s okay.
  • Eat your favorite foods. Whether it’s your favorite chips or something you enjoy cooking/baking, treat yourself!
  • Exercise/do yoga. Some people truly enjoy exercising, but for me, not stressing about exercising is a form of self-care. However, yoga is much more soothing.
  • Connect. Don’t worry! You need not leave the house to connect to people like you! Join online support groups or reach out to people who may need a friend, too. Please feel free to email me!

These are some different ideas I had, but there are various things you could do for yourself. Brainstorm and find what relaxes you the most, and do it! Self-care looks different for everyone. My self-care days generally look a little messy. I get dressed in comfy clothes, don’t do my makeup, watch Netflix, take a nap, and eat some snacks.

I’ve been having to take many days to look after myself recently, adjusting to a new medicine and starting school back after Christmas break. And I’m okay with it, because I’m not afraid to say that I need it. I deserve it. You deserve it. We all deserve to rest.

One more thing I wanted to mention: one more form of self-care is seeking help. Self-care isn’t always pretty or easy, but in the long run, getting help is not only a form of self-care, but also a form of self-love. You deserve to feel happy. Treat yourself by reaching out.

Thank you for reading!

I hope these ideas will be useful to you! Remember to take care of yourself. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we all should look after ourselves and others! 


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