A Spotify Playlist For Anxious/Depressed People

 “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” -Victor Hugo

The effect music has on our brains has been studied over and over again, each time proving the extent of correlation between music and brain activity. Through various experiments and studies, music has been proven useful in aiding physical pain, stress, memory, and more. I’ll link a really neat website here. You can click on different parts of the brain and discover how music affects that specific area!

Your Brain on Music

I tend to listen mostly to calm and soft pop songs. I listen to Musi or Spotify everyday, nearly all day. While I’m doing school, exercising, blogging, cleaning, doing pretty much anything, I am listening to music. The songs that I listen to usually have some sort of relation to anxiety or depression. Whether it’s because I’m feeling lonely and want to feel understood, or I’m feeling down and need encouragement, I have found that music is useful in expressing different emotions without saying them out loud. (Not that there’s anything wrong with saying what you’re feeling)!

I realized last week just how many artists and songs I’ve grown to love over my anxiety and depression journey, and I decided that I would create a Spotify playlist with all of my favorites for you to listen to! In the following list, I will link some of my favorite songs from the playlist. There are many songs on the playlist that I haven’t listed here, so make sure to go and check out the whole thing! I’ll put the link below.

1.Just Hold On -by Presence

2.You’re Gonna Be Okay -by Bethel Music

3. In My Blood – by Shawn Mendes

4. Trying My Best -by Anson Seabra

5. Invisible -by Hunter Hayes

6. Broken (clean) -by Anson Seabra

7. I Can’t Carry This Anymore -by Anson Seabra

8. Oh My Soul -by Casting Crowns

9. You Don’t Know -by Katelyn Carver

10. Don’t Give Up On Me -by Andy Grammer

11. Got It In You– by Banners

12. Praise Before My Breakthrough -by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

13. You’ll Be Okay -by Michael Schlute

14. Thoughts -by Michael Schlute

15. Mind Is A Prison– by Alec Benjamin

16. Karma -by AJR

17. Anxiety (clean)– by Julia Michaels & Selena Gomez

18. Gotta Be a Reason-by Alec Benjamin

19. A Little Too Much– by Shawn Mendes

20. Fear Is a Liar– Zach Williams

21. God’s Not Done With You -by Tauren Wells

There ya go!

These are just some of the songs on the Spotify playlist I put together! I hope you listen to at least a few of these; I’ve found them not only to be helpful but also really catchy! Whether you want encouraging songs, relatable songs, pop songs, Christian songs, or even country songs, I covered all these areas! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. If you are having a tough time, please, please, please reach out to someone you trust. And My email is always open!

– Kylee

Blog Instagram- @theanxiousteensofamerica

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