Christmas Gift Ideas for the Anxious People in Your Life

Thanksgiving has passed, so it’s officially socially acceptable to talk about Christmas! I start getting excited about the Christmas season around September, but now that everyone else is getting ready for Christmas, I figured I would write a post on it. Yesterday, I went Christmas shopping. I actually found a present or two for everyone I know in one day! Anyway, this post isn’t about my shopping spree (which I got through without having any panic attacks)! This article is for anyone trying to figure out what to get their loved ones with mental disorders for Christmas, or for you if you want to splurge on yourself!

A weighted blanket

I got a weighted blanket from my parents last year, and I’ve been sleeping under it on cold nights. In a study conducted, 63% of participants reported having lower levels of anxiety when under the blanket. Weighted blankets can be pricey, but they’re worth it!

Here’s the one I have:

A heated blanket

I love my heated blanket so much. My grandmother bought one for me last Christmas, and it’s very relaxing. I use mine throughout the year to relax and loosen tense muscles. Very useful for a gift! 

Here’s the one I have:

– A Massager 

A massager would be an excellent gift for those with anxiety. I have first-hand experience with anxiety-induced tense muscles and knots, so a massager like the one below could be a very helpful present.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager – Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Shoulders, Lower Back, Calf – Use at Home and Car, Black, (ZMA-13-BK)

Aromatherapy gifts

Candles with a calming scent like lavender are always a winner when it comes to gifts. Along the lines of aromatherapy, you could also consider buying some essential oils and a diffuser. Aromatherapy can be very effective in reducing stress. 

Candle ideas:



Mental health books

Whether it’s self-help or educational books, the anxious book-lover in your life might enjoy receiving these. There are so many books online you can find; these are just some that I found.

My psychiatrist recommended The Happiness Trap:

Anxiety workbook for teens:

Anxiety book for children:

I have this workbook for anxiety, depression, and OCD:  

The Anxiety and Stress Solution Deck:

There are so many good books on the topic of mental health, so just browse until you find something you think they would like!

Heatable stuffed animals

Not only is this stuffed animal heatable, it’s also weighted and lavender scented! These are relaxing for all ages, not just children. They also carry a bunch of different animals and colors!

Heatable elephant:

Comfortable pj’s

Never underestimate the power of a cozy pair of pajamas! I’m also happy to receive new pj’s or just comfortable clothes in general; sweatshirts, slippers, sweaters, etc. Not only to sleep in, but to wear on those rough days at home.

Some soft women’s pj’s: 

Men’s cozy pj’s:

-Fill in the blank journals

I have given and been given these little books that mean so much to me. You fill in the blanks describing why you love the person you’re giving the gift to. It’s so sweet because it actually takes a lot of thought. People with mental disorders sometimes get discouraged and need to feel appreciated; these books are the perfect way to lift anyone’s spirit! 

What I Love you About You:

Why I’m Grateful For You:

Why You’re So Awesome:

Why You Make Me Smile:

-Mental health jewelry

I have a serotonin molecule necklace that I got for Christmas last year, and I love it. Mental health jewelry is a fashionable and caring present!

Quan Jewelry Continue Semicolon Heart Necklace, Mental Health Awareness, Best Encouragement Gifts for Women with Greeting Card

Adult Coloring books & Pencils

Coloring Books for Adults Relaxation: Adult Coloring Books: Flowers, Animals and Garden Designs
AmazonBasics Colored Pencils – 48-Count Set

A handwritten letter

Out of all of these potential gifts, I know I would appreciate this one the most. A handwritten letter filled with the things you love about the receiver, why you’re proud of them, and encouraging words. Whether it’s a present itself or added with a present, you can’t go wrong with pouring out your appreciation and love.

Thanks for reading! 

Although I’m excited for Christmas, I know a lot of people have a really tough time during the holidays. Please remember to check on people who might be struggling this holiday season. This list of gift ideas were simply things that came to mind, but there are so many different good gifts you could get for the anxious or depressed people in your life! Look through different books, candles, oils, etc. on Amazon or elsewhere until you find something that you believe the person you’re shopping for would enjoy and benefit from! Merry (early) Christmas!


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